Introduction to Consulting in the Agency Context


The first module serves as a foundational layer for understanding the integral role of a consultative approach within an agency. Regardless of one’s specific role, adopting a consultative mindset is crucial for delivering value to clients and contributing to the agency’s success.


Upon completion of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of consulting and its relevance within the agency.
  • Recognize the value of a consultative approach in various roles across the agency.
  • Identify how consulting skills can enhance client relationships and project outcomes.
  • Appreciate the agency’s unique consultative approach to client strategy and sales.

The Essence of Consulting

Consulting, at its core, involves providing expert advice to solve problems or improve performance. In the context of the agency, this doesn’t just apply to those in designated consulting roles. Whether one is in strategy, sales, project management, or even creative roles, a consultative approach can add significant value.

Why a Consultative Approach Matters

A consultative approach is not merely a service offering but a mindset that permeates the agency’s culture. It involves active listening, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. This approach allows the agency to go beyond transactional relationships and build deeper, more strategic partnerships with clients. It also fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement among team members.

Types of Consulting Skills

While an agency offers specialized consulting services, the skills that make these services effective are universally beneficial. Here are some key consulting skills that can be applied across various roles:

  • Problem-Solving: The ability to analyze a situation and come up with creative yet effective solutions.
  • Active Listening: The skill of fully engaging with the client or team member to understand their needs and concerns deeply.
  • Strategic Thinking: The capacity to see the bigger picture and how specific actions fit into broader business objectives.
  • Effective Communication: The art of conveying ideas clearly and persuasively, whether it’s in a client meeting or internal discussion.

The Agency’s Consultative Approach

The agency prides itself on its consultative approach to client strategy and sales. This approach is not about selling a service but about providing value. It’s about understanding the client’s business so well that the solutions offered are not just effective but transformative.


Understanding and adopting a consultative approach is not just for those in ‘consulting’ roles. It’s a valuable mindset that can significantly impact the agency’s success and the success of its clients. This module serves as a primer to help all team members understand what consulting is and how they can approach their work with this mindset. Future articles will delve deeper into the practical application of these principles.

graphic for consulting in the agency context